Frontline Ukrainians Have the Perfect Encryption Tool: Hungarian

On the eastern Ukrainian front, soldiers communicate with each other using Hungarian phrases so that it is more difficult for the Russians to understand important information.

Ukrainian troops sit on an armoured vehicle as they move back from the front line
Ukrainian troops sit on an armoured vehicle as they move back from the front line. Photo: ARIS MESSINIS / AFP / East News

“God protect the Hungarians!”

“Seven tanks are headed your way! – I understand, we are preparing. The artillery is going to begin the work. God protect the Hungarians!” 

Strange as it may be, this short conversation took place between Ukrainians. But why would they speak Hungarian at the front? According to, the use of the Hungarian language serves as a safety issue. If the Russians eavesdrop, it is harder for them to understand what the Ukrainians are saying. The dialogue took place thousands of kilometers from the Hungarian border, probably somewhere on the eastern Ukrainian front, reports

Hungarian as a code in Russian war on Ukraine

In the recording, the soldier operating the radio is Sándor Fegyir from Transcarpathia, who has appeared in the news several times. A teacher at Ungvár University, he takes his job very seriously. Although he is at the front now, he still gives lectures to his students. The local historian and tourism expert in Ungvár, representative of the county council, also has Hungarian blood running in his veins.

However, he identifies himself as a Transcarpathian Ukrainian. Previously, he used the Hungarian language to say thank you to Hungarians for helping the Ukrainians. In addition, he volunteered as a soldier on the first day of the war and has been fighting at the front ever since.

Hard to decipher

“Using the Hungarian language is the best method of encryption” “In war, using the Hungarian language is the best method of encryption. During World War II, the US military used the Navajo language to protect radio communications. The Japanese couldn’t translate it,” writes Viktor Scsadej, who recorded the video of Sándor Fegyir. He is fighting at the front together with Fegyir at the moment.

“American experience was adopted by the soldiers of the 68th Land Defense Battalion from Transcarpathia. In order to translate what the Ungvár professor and soldier Sándor Fegyir says, the Russians must forward the data to Moscow,” he added. Lastly, he said that there are many Transcarpathian Hungarians who are now defending their homeland at the front.

Szijártó Hajnalka / Daily News Hungary

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