Szeged – Hungarian Pioneer to Switch to Geothermal Energy

In Hungary, the first geothermal heating system will be installed in Szeged. It can provide heat for 28,000 homes and 500 institutions with renewable energy. The European Union sees this as an example to follow in the future.

Image of Dom ter in light of hungarian city Szeged outdoors
Szeged, Hungary has the second largest geothermal district heating system in Europe after Reykjavík. Photo: / JackF

Szeged District Heating Company (SZÉTÁV) won an EU tender in 2019. With a total of nearly HUF 20 billion (EUR 48.6 million), it built nine geothermal thermal circuits. This geothermal thermal circuit provides hot water and heating for public institutions and district-heated homes using renewable energy, reports.

Geothermal energy in Szeged

The trial operation started in the 2021 heating season. At that time, only the first four elements of the 9-part system were completed. Now, five more elements are being installed in 5 more neighborhoods. The share of geothermal energy in total district heating in Szeged will be 50 percent.

As a result of the project, the city will be able to replace nearly 15 million cubic meters of burnt natural gas with renewable energy annually. This development is currently the largest geothermal district heating project in Central Europe.

It is the second largest geothermal district heating system in Europe after Reykjavík. According to experts, the transformation of the district heating system in Szeged could be a model for EU countries to follow, reports. This requires cities to have adequate geothermal energy sources.

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