46% of Bulgarian Companies are having trouble finding ICT specialists

The problems with recruiting ICT specialists are not only a concern for Bulgaria.


According to a report from Eurostat, the EU’s statistics agency, released on July 12, nearly half (46%) of Bulgarian businesses faced difficulties in 2022 filling positions that required Information and Communication Technology (ICT) expertise. As ICT becomes more essential to business operations, the need for competent professionals to navigate the evolving digital world is growing. In 2021, about one in ten EU businesses attempted to hire ICT professionals, with approximately 62.8% experiencing trouble filling these roles. 72.2% of larger enterprises reported the greatest struggle, with 63.7% of medium-sized and 59.9 of small enterprises also noting significant challenges. The highest proportions of enterprises reporting difficulties in hiring ICT professionals were in Slovenia (78%), Czechia (77%), and Germany (76.6%), respectively 78%, 77% and 76.6%. At the lower end were Spain (32.8%), Bulgaria (46%), Poland (46.5%), Slovakia (51.4%), and Cyprus (54.5%). The main obstacles to successful ICT recruitment were reported to be a shortage of applications, a lack of relevant qualifications and experience, and high salary demands. 

 Source: sofiaglobe.com

Jakub Warzecha

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