IFOs Over Poland?

It seems that flying drones have reached their optimal shape when it comes to the control and the propulsion systems consisting of four or more rotors. Is there anything else that could be invented in this regard?

Via Carpatia Under the TEN-T


One of the most ambitious geopolitical projects of our time is getting closer to completion. Investment in communications infrastructure, which is the very foundation of the development of the Three Seas Initiative, is gaining the highest priority.

The Drive for Perfection


A Slovenian-based high-tech startup has been developing a complex and self-learning driving test simulator with the aim of measuring conscious and unconscious driver behavior features to make driving safer and more inclusive.

Is There a Doctor in the House?


Doesn’t it seem that whenever you get sick, there never are any appointments available? Doctor.One, a Polish start-up, developed a unique solution to this problem. So much so that it is heavily invested in, and its future is painted in bright colors.

The Story of Peter Petroff and the First Digital Watch


A NASA engineer and inventor who developed heart-monitoring equipment and originated the first-ever digital wristwatch. These are just some of the accomplishments used to describe Bulgarian inventor Petar Petroff. But, before becoming one of the twentieth century's most productive inventors, Petroff led an eventful and adventurous life that few know about.

The Polish Company Keeping Europe Posted


The success of Polish eCommerce delivery provider InPost has rewritten the map for deliveries in Poland and beyond, with Automated Parcel Machines becoming the go-to choice for people who want to be able to receive packages at all times and without having to pay a fortune. 

Baltic Power Emerges


In 2024, a two-year construction project for a Polish wind farm in the Baltic Sea will begin, comprising 70 turbines, which will generate over 1 GW of power. Located 22 km offshore, these new turbines will generate more power than a recently-commissioned Danish farm with 72 turbines.