Trust Issues in Czechia


Czechia has recently experienced a crisis of trust. Citizens do not trust their politicians and public representatives. Is the situation as dire as it seems, and is there a possibility of addressing it?

The Czech Dream and Its Legacy


Two decades ago, a Czech documentary film hit the headlines when it presented the opening campaign for a new hypermarket when the country was on the brink of joining the European Union. The documentary has become one of the most important recent productions in Czech cinematography.

Here Comes the Lightning


The US State Department has approved a potential $5.6 billion sale of 24 Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighters to the Czech Republic. The deal also includes various weapons, parts, and equipment.

The Teacher of Nations


"School by Play" is one of the most famous thoughts of the Czech philosopher and pedagogue nicknamed The Teacher of Nations. Although Jan Ámos Komenský was Czech, he influenced the whole of Europe.

Rhapsody in Blueprint


Modrotisk, or Blueprinting, is an old Czech craft passed on by generations since the 16th century. It may look easy: printing white ornaments on blue fabric. But it is far more complicated than that.

The Spot Where Three Empires Converged


Przemsza is the name of a Polish river that is nearly impossible for non-Polish speakers to pronounce. Regardless, three Emperors speaking these languages had to know its name, as their countries joined at its junction for decades. Now it's almost forgotten in the middle of modern-day Poland.

The Story of the Mole


No, this is not a story of an enemy spy inside the Czech secret service. It is a story of a Czech icon that raised generations at home and abroad. And even made it to space!

Defending the Star of David


When Israel declared its independence in 1948, it was immediately attacked by its neighbors. The desperately needed weapons, planes, and other supplies came from an unlikely source: Czechoslovakia.

The Phoenix of Prague


While walking along the banks in Prague, the capital of Czechia, you will encounter the majestic building of the Czech National Theatre. The building was built with contributions from everyday Czechs and… burned down right after its completion.

The Czech Glass Class


There are many things the Czech Republic is very well known for, one of them being Czech Glass. To be more specific, Bohemian Crystal. The production of Bohemian Crystal, from the Bohemia and Silesia regions, is a rich centuries-old tradition that is still thriving today.