The Ulma Family Beatification


In a first ever case for the Catholic Church, Pope Francis approved the beatification of an entire family, including their youngest - unborn - child. The Ulma family of South East Poland were shot by the Gestapo in March 1944, for sheltering Jews. Their actions nevertheless inspired others in their village of Markowa to follow their example, and the family have been revered in the region ever since.

The Father of Modern Electronics


It is quite safe to say that the world would be a different place without a groundbreaking invention by Polish chemist Jan Czochralski, which you can thank for the scores of products you use daily. Think smartphones, laptops, and scores of other electronic gadgets.

Remnants of the Ice Age in Poland


Growing up in Poland, it was always fun to follow weather forecasts (*talking about the weather is not actually only a British thing). As kids, we kept a comparison score of whether it would be as cold where we were as it was in the northeasternmost Polish town of Suwałki.

The Ultimate Guide to Polish Dumplings 


It’s true what food anthropologists say: dumplings are the most ubiquitous food concept in the world. Just think of Italian tortellini, Georgian khinkali, or Japanese gyoza. However, there's a reason that Polish dumplings are known across the globe. Our Pierogi 101 is here to help you navigate this rich world.

Ita Rina: A Forgotten Movie Star


Ita Rina was a movie superstar in Europe in the 1930s, when she starred in many successful movies, the only Slovenian to make it that far. She was even offered work in Hollywood but turned it down to focus on her family. Today she is a forgotten yet legendary icon of that period in film history.

Poland Looks Best From a Kayak


Bendy, lazy rivers; picturesque landscapes; wildlife; and charming bonfire evenings are just some of the things one may experience when they go kayaking in Poland. Indeed, it’s an immensely popular way of spending your summer holidays - for good reason.

Bulgaria’s House of Funny


Welcome to Gabrovo, Bulgaria’s capital of humor. In this Central Bulgarian town, legends say that they cut the tails of cats so that the door closes faster after them. It’s such a prevalent story they erected a bronze cat sculpture that has been attracting visitors for two decades.

Baltic Power Emerges


In 2024, a two-year construction project for a Polish wind farm in the Baltic Sea will begin, comprising 70 turbines, which will generate over 1 GW of power. Located 22 km offshore, these new turbines will generate more power than a recently-commissioned Danish farm with 72 turbines.