Switch is ON in Slovenia’s Largest Solar Power Plant


Slovenia’s most significant solar power plant has commenced operations. The €5.5 million facility, which has a maximum output of 6 MW, is expected to provide power to roughly 1,800 households. Its unique feature is its direct connection to the 110-kilovolt transmission network and the hybridization with the Brežice Hydropower Plant.

Battle of the Baltic Peaks


We can call this episode "That time when Latvians built a tower to have a higher highest point than their neighbor." In reality, the highest Latvian and Estonian peaks just barely classify as "mountains." And at one point, Latvia even built a tower on top of its highest peak just to surpass its Estonian rival.

The Drive for Perfection


A Slovenian-based high-tech startup has been developing a complex and self-learning driving test simulator with the aim of measuring conscious and unconscious driver behavior features to make driving safer and more inclusive.

The Man Who Swam It All


Meet Martin Strel from Slovenia. He is a 67-year-old retired guitar teacher, he is overweight, he enjoys Cviček, a sort of wine from his native Lower Carniola region, a bit too much, and he might just be the most powerful athlete alive.