69% of Lithuanians think Situation in Lithuania is getting Worse

On the other hand public institutions continue to maintain a high degree of trust


The latest Baltijos Tyrimai poll, commissioned by LRT, reveals a decline in Lithuanians’ optimism about the country’s direction. 21% of respondents believe the situation is improving, a 1% drop from May’s results, while 69% feel it’s worsening, a 7% decrease from May’s findings. The survey also explored public trust in various institutions. The Armed Forces, with a 76% confidence rating, are the most trusted institution, followed by the police at 71%, and the Church and president’s institution at 66% each. The state social insurance fund Sodra is trusted by 65% of respondents, municipalities by 58%, and the national media by half. The judiciary, the government, and the parliament are the most distrusted, with respective non-confidence rates of 49%, 66%, and 76%. The poll, which interviewed 1,020 individuals between June 14 and 29, has a 3.1% margin of error. 

Source: lrt.lt

Jakub Warzecha

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