Bulgaria Hits 90% Gas Storage Target Ahead of EU Winter Deadline

Two months in advance, Bulgaria achieves 90% fill-rate in Chiren gas storage, outpacing EU targets.


Bulgaria has filled 90% of its Chiren gas storage two months before the EU’s set deadline for winter preparations. This was confirmed by the NGO, Gas Infrastructure Europe, which noted that by August 16, both the European average and Bulgaria’s storage facilities were around 90% full. Of the 22 EU nations that have gas storage capabilities, only six – Belgium, Hungary, Denmark, France, Latvia, and Romania – are yet to reach the 90% milestone. Spain stands out, with its storage nearly full at 99.98%, while Sweden has halted its gas filling at 95.29%. The EU’s directive to ensure at least 90% of gas storage is filled by November 1 was introduced last May. This move aims to lessen EU’s reliance on Russian energy after contract terminations by Gazprom and disruptions in the Nord Stream pipeline led to reduced Russian imports. In contrast to this year’s progress, last year’s deadline was August 30 to meet an 80% target, and Bulgaria reached this only by October 12, causing a subsequent rise in its gas prices. 

Source: novinite.com 

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