Bulgarian Euro Coin Design Revealed 

The Bulgarian National Bank plans to use current coin designs for the Euro, targeting a Eurozone entry by 2025.


The Bulgarian National Bank’s (BNB) Governing Council is planning a seamless transition to the Euro, intending to keep the existing Bulgarian coin designs for easy identification by citizens. Depictions will include the Madara Rider on smaller coins, St. John of Rila on the 1-euro piece, and Paisius of Hilendar on the 2-euro coin. Notably, “Bulgaria”, “euro”, and “stotinka” (“cent” in english) will be inscribed in Cyrillic script on various coin denominations. Additionally, the 2-euro coin will showcase “GOD, PROTECT BULGARIA” in Cyrillic. Following their approval, the European Union will review these designs. BNB is optimistic about Bulgaria joining the Eurozone by January 1, 2025, given the right measures are undertaken, particularly in managing inflation. BNB’s Dimitar Radev underlined the importance of monitoring inflation and sustaining economic growth, referencing a 12% rise in obligatory minimum reserves to curb credit expansion. He foresees a more distinct trajectory for loan and deposit interest rates by the year’s conclusion. 

Source: novinite.com

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