Defence Minister Advocates for Lithuania’s Withdrawal from Cluster Munitions Treaty

Lithuania’s Defence Minister Arvydas Anušauskas urges to revisit its stance on the Convention on Cluster Munitions amid global debates on the weapon's ethics.


Defence Minister Arvydas Anušauskas has openly voiced a desire for Lithuania to reconsider its position within the Convention on Cluster Munitions. This international agreement strictly prohibits the production, transfer, and usage of cluster bombs. Highlighting the nation’s history with the treaty, Anušauskas noted that Lithuania was the 55th member to join this ban. 

His remarks come amid global debates over the ethical implications of using such weapons. Cluster munitions, recognized for their capacity to release multiple smaller explosive devices over vast areas, have come under international scrutiny due to the inherent dangers they pose to civilian populations. Lithuania endorsed the convention in 2011, emphasizing its dedication to global safety measures against such weapons. Observers are keenly watching for potential shifts in Lithuania’s defence policy following the Defence Minister’s statement. 

Source: lrt.lt 

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