Digitail: For You, Your Vet, and Your Pet

Digitail is the Romanian veterinary software bringing to the animal kingdom what the health system has already implemented for humans – an entirely digital, independent, and complete management solution.

Female Veterinarian Inspecting a Pet Maine Coon with a Stethoscope on an Examination Table. Cat Owner Brings Her Furry Friend to a Modern Veterinary Clinic for a Check Up Visit
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In 2022, there were close to 350 million pets happily living in Europe, with almost half of European households owning a furry little friend, be it a dog, a cat, or a bird. This number, which is only increasing each year, inspired the creation of services that would assist the upcoming demands of a pet-loving society and respond to the expanding needs of vet clinics. Digitail is such a service, an all-in-one solution for animal hospitals which, unlike other similar services, is entirely independent and unaffiliated with any of the health centers dominating the market.

More time for animals, less time on admin

Launched in 2018 in Romania, Digitail is a business-to-business service that allows you to store and monitor information so that your clinic can operate more effectively. In the five years it has been active on a worldwide market, Digitail partnered with over 750 clinics, reducing administrative work by up to 60%. That means hospitals can save close to three days per month, days that are, thanks to this service, allocated towards consulting and spending more time with the pets and their owners.

Studies have shown that the veterinary practice is overloaded, and vets are no longer able to successfully manage the large volume of consultations they have to perform daily. With over 30 pets per day, the doctor spends, on average, 15 minutes with each pet, which includes consultation and briefing. Under such tight schedules and limited circumstances, the addition of as little as a few hours can make a night and day difference in the future of a clinic and its clients.

Tailored for both mobile vets, who offer consultations at home, and walk-in type of pet hospitals, Digitail brings no less than 18 features meant to improve your clinic’s efficiency and customer satisfaction. From online appointments, patient history, and treatment plans to invoicing and telemedicine, the all-in-one service allows vets to centralize, prioritize and optimize their work, making vet appointments more manageable and efficient for both the practitioner and the pet owner. Cutting-edge interoperable systems make it easier for coworkers to collaborate on records, customize assessment templates, and keep track of all the crucial patient data. Moreover, with the help of advanced data migration features, transitioning to Digitail is not only easy but also fast.

Helping clinics operate better

Digitail was brought to life by Sebastian Gabor and Ruxandra Pui, who, upon experiencing for themselves how complicated and lacking the veterinary system can be, decided to change for the better how pet clinics operate. At the beginning of 2023, Digitail scored USD 11 million in funding from Atomico, Europe’s one of the largest VC firms.

The pandemic boosted the pet care market, and there has been a solid increase in the number of pets and pet-related acquisitions. According to estimates, the global pet care market is said to reach USD 300 billion by the end of the decade. Having envisioned this, Digitail sought to offer a solution not only to the overstimulated vet practitioners but to pet owners as well.

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