Bringing you insider insight into socio-economic and energy-related data about Three Seas countries

The Three Seas is a significant socio-economic bloc of twelve EU countries straddling the area between the Baltic, Adriatic, and Black Seas. Together, the Three Seas countries constitute 25% of the EU’s population, consume more energy than Germany or any other EU country, make up the fourth largest economic region in Europe, and contribute 14% of the EU’s gross domestic product (GDP).  

The “Three Seas in Numbers” report is an invaluable source of high-level knowledge for policy decision-makers and subject matter analysts at the EU and national levels. It presents key socio-economic and energy-related data on the Three Seas countries compared with other EU countries, including GDP, per capita GDP, and annual net earnings per country, as well as the affordability of selected energy carriers. Energy-related data include total energy consumption and energy intensity of the economies, the energy mix per country (as of 2020 and since 1990) as well data on energy imports and prices for electricity, natural gas, and Eurosuper 95.