E-Residency in Estonia in the Eyes of an Entrepreneur

Picture this: a world where you can launch your business online, navigating the digital landscape with ease, in just about 15 minutes, no matter where you are on the globe. That's the kind of freedom Estonia has offered since 2014 with its groundbreaking e-Residency initiative.

Incorporate in Estonia with e-⁠Residency. 100% digital, always in English, entirely built for your needs.
Incorporate in Estonia with e-⁠Residency. 100% digital, always in English, entirely built for your needs. Photo: Rasmus Jurkatam / Visit Estonia

As a go-ahead tech entrepreneur, I’ve always been one to push boundaries, to dream of a world where business knows no borders. Imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon a digital bridge to that world: the e-Residency program in Estonia.

Pioneering in the digital space

This Baltic nation has truly earned its stripes as a digital pioneer, issuing digital identity cards that grant access to a treasure trove of state-of-the-art digital infrastructure. It’s a place where even the mundane task of filing taxes becomes a seamless, painless online affair. Indeed, the ability to kickstart and run a business online is a golden ticket that has catapulted Estonia into the upper echelons of the UN’s list of most digitally advanced countries, rubbing shoulders with giants like South Korea or Denmark.

As a tech-savvy nomad, this is music to my ears. The e-Residency is more than a digital passport; it’s a key to an innovative world, a boon for the modern entrepreneur, the freelancers, the solopreneurs, and even those digital trailblazers charting their own course across the vast expanse of the internet. Think about the endless possibilities. An entrepreneur from, let’s say, New Zealand could establish an Estonian company, run it during a holiday visit to French Polynesia, and manage his customers in London. Whether he’s sipping coffee or soaking up the sun in Papeete, his business thrives, unbounded by geography. That’s the tantalizing promise of Estonian e-Residency.

Estonia’s vision is of a world where business transcends physical national borders, where you can set up shop, open bank accounts, sign contracts, and declare taxes from the comfort of your computer. This is a universe where intricate bureaucracy doesn’t stand in the way of entrepreneurship, a place that gives businesses the freedom to prosper and grow.

Fertile ground for business to thrive

With its e-Residency program, Estonia is much more than a nation; it’s a pro-business environment. With an advanced digital infrastructure, a favorable taxation system, and minimal red tape, it’s arguably one of the best launchpads for businesses on the planet. Plus, as an EU member state, an Estonian business means access to the bustling EU single market.

The list of Estonian e-Residency benefits is impressive, enabling everything from remote business operations to secure encryption and transmission of documents. It’s a boon not just for entrepreneurs but also for Estonia itself. By sharing its revolutionary, business-friendly digital infrastructure with worldwide entrepreneurs, Estonia cleverly boosts its revenue streams. As our world becomes increasingly digital, numerous nations are testing the waters of their own versions of e-Residency.

Despite this growing interest, Estonia’s robust support network and thriving marketplace continue to stand in a league of their own. Taxation is a crucial facet of this puzzle. And Estonia is a shining beacon of how to get it right. Their tax system is celebrated for its competitive edge and transparency. The cherry on top? Estonia has bagged the top spot for the most competitive tax system in the OECD for eight consecutive years, as per the International Tax Competitiveness Index 2021.

The Corporate Income Tax (CIT) is 20%, reduced to 14% with regular dividend payments. Uniquely, CIT is levied on distributed profits only, allowing companies to retain earnings tax-free. Individuals face a flat 20% income tax, excluding personal dividend income. All tax activities can be efficiently managed via the e-Residency service provider, ensuring a simplified tax process for e-residents.

So, fellow entrepreneurs, here’s our chance to redefine the future, break barriers, and create businesses without borders. Are you ready to take the leap into this brave new world? Estonia is waiting!

Jakub Warzecha

Creative copywriter, archaeologist. Interested in history, technology and military matters. Specializes in marketing communications and application architecture design.

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