Three Seas Fund Advances Infrastructure Mission Through CARGOUNIT

Driving European progress, the Three Seas Fund's subsidiary, CARGOUNIT, supercharges its expansion with a game-changing locomotive lease to Romania's Unicom Tranzit.

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The Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund (3SIIF), a visionary investment consortium dedicated to shaping the infrastructure of the Three Seas region, has recently made a remarkable stride forward. It’s via the strategic decision of its subsidiary, CARGOUNIT, a prominent figure in the locomotive rental industry in Poland and across Central and Eastern Europe. By leasing a cutting-edge Smartron locomotive to Unicom Tranzit, a respected Romanian entity, CARGOUNIT is reinforcing its expansion into these key European markets, which directly resonates with the ambitious mission of the Three Seas Fund.

A mission right on track

As the proud owner of CARGOUNIT, the Three Seas Fund was established with a noble goal – to significantly uplift the transport infrastructure within this dynamic part of Europe. Consequently, CARGOUNIT’s ventures into fresh markets represent a significant move towards fulfilling this mission.
CARGOUNIT has carved out its niche as a crucial provider of locomotive rental services, boasting a diversified portfolio of nearly 185 locomotives, both traction and shunting. Its services are sought-after by carriers from a wide spectrum of industries, such as fuel, chemical, construction materials, intermodal cargo, and even the automotive sector, testifying to its industry-wide reputation.

Central to CARGOUNIT’s expansion strategy is a commitment to modernize its fleet by acquiring state-of-the-art locomotives and an ambitious plan to extend its reach, particularly within Central and Eastern Europe. The current market dynamics in the freight transport sector favor this growth trajectory, with escalating demand for contemporary rolling stock spurred by the necessity to replace aging vehicles and reroute significant volumes of goods from sea to rail.

Blending power and speed

The newly acquired Smartron locomotive, now a proud addition to Unicom Tranzit’s arsenal, is an engineering marvel capable of operating with 15 kV or 25 kV alternating current and comes equipped with the advanced PZB / LZB train protection system. With an impressive 5.4 MW power output and a 160 km/h top speed, this locomotive symbolizes the blend of power and speed.

Following its acquisition by the Three Seas Fund in late 2020, CARGOUNIT has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to renewing its fleet, promising to bring in over 50 more modern locomotives. This ambitious plan underscores the company’s strategic vision of maintaining market dominance in Poland while expanding its influence into broader Three Seas territories.

The handover of the Smartron locomotive to Unicom Tranzit signifies an important chapter in CARGOUNIT’s growth narrative, paving the way for further expansion in Romania, a crucial target market. This critical move illuminates CARGOUNIT’s potential in the Three Seas region. It reaffirms its contribution to the Three Seas Fund’s overarching mission– infrastructure advancement and regional connectivity.

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