Lithuanian Beers Thrive in Taiwan’s Market 

As Taiwan's beer market diversifies, Lithuanian brews, particularly the notable "Ekstra," are gaining momentum, resonating with the tastes of the younger generation and reflecting global health trends.


The dynamic beer landscape in Taiwan is witnessing a rise in Lithuanian beers, with the prominent “Ekstra” leading the charge. This transformation can be traced back to Taiwan’s entry into the World Trade Organization, which catalyzed a mix of local and global brewers entering the scene. 

Raimundas Laurikėnas of Švyturys-Utenos alus attributes their smooth market penetration to international recognitions they’ve received. The diverse tastes of Taiwan’s younger generation are being catered to by Lithuanian beers, distinguishing themselves amidst a sea of 2,000 imported varieties. Notably, Lithuanian brews have managed to rival established names from Belgium and Germany. On the import front, Edward Liu emphasizes the standout quality and uniqueness of Lithuanian beers. Mirroring global health-conscious trends, Taiwan has seen a spike in non-alcoholic beer imports, marked by a significant uptick in 2020. 

 With doors closing in markets like Russia and Belarus, Švyturios brewery is ambitiously expanding its reach, from the distant shores of Far Asia to the vast expanse of Africa. 

Source: kauno.diena.lt

Jakub Warzecha

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