Lithuania’s Green Vehicle Push: €38M EU Fund Unveiled 

Lithuania's public sector embarks on a sustainable journey with a €38 million EU boost for electric and hydrogen transport.


The Environmental Project Management Agency (APVA) announced an initiative, unveiling a €38 million from European Union (EU) funds. This fund aims to accelerate the adoption of electric or hydrogen-fueled transportation within the public sector. Beginning Tuesday, public sector entities can embark on their green transition by applying for this support. However, the process involves buying the vehicle first, then claiming the rebate. Claims are to be made and processed with rebates disbursed only after the vehicle’s purchase. APVA’s director, Gvidas Dargužas, highlighted a current limitation. As of now, leased vehicles don’t qualify for these compensations. But change might be on the horizon. Discussions are underway with the European Commission and the Finance Ministry to potentially extend the benefits to vehicles acquired through leasing, navigating around existing legislative challenges.  As of July 1, registrations indicated 9.5 thousand M1 and N1 class electric vehicles on Lithuanian roads. June’s data alone recorded 2.2 thousand new additions, a significant rise compared to the entire year of 2021, which had 2.5 thousand registrations. 

Source: kauno.diena.lt

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