Lithuania’s Renewable Energy Capacity Skyrockets, Tripling in Three Years 

The ambitious plans anticipate a further tripling of capacity by the year 2025


Lithuania’s renewable energy infrastructure has undergone a significant expansion over the past three years, with the capacity of installed wind and solar power reaching and surpassing 2 GW, as announced by the nation’s Ministry of Energy. This growth in green energy is part of the government’s commitment to lessen reliance on foreign electricity, secure affordable energy rates for its citizenry and businesses, and boost the country’s energy self-reliance and sovereignty. The Ministry of Energy projects a substantial acceleration in the rollout of renewable energy in the coming years, setting an ambitious target of over 6 GW capacity by 2025. The total output of wind and solar energy currently is at 2,058 MW, which was responsible for supplying 37% of Lithuania’s total electricity usage in July. All the energy generated within the country accounted for a significant 48% of Lithuania’s total electricity consumption for that month. 

Source: lrytas.lt

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