NATO Summit with Unprecedenced Security Measures

The largest event of its kind in Lithuania, posing a significant challenge for the country's institutions.


Up to 12,000 officials and military personnel will be responsible for security during the NATO summit in Vilnius, according to the Deputy Director of the State Security Department (VAT), Paulius Nemira. This is the largest event of its kind in Lithuania, posing a significant challenge for the country’s institutions. The summit will host 48 foreign delegations, including 40 heads of state and up to 150 high-ranking politicians who require protection. Around 800 vehicles will be needed to transport the delegations. The Lithuanian military will deploy 3,000 soldiers to ensure security, with an additional 1,000 NATO allies contributing to the effort. The country has already stationed long-range air defense systems, medium-range air defense systems, and CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) response capabilities. Drones will also be countered using joint architecture involving other state institutions and the Lithuanian military. The soldiers will be involved in securing critical infrastructure, such as bridges and viaducts, as well as searching for explosives. They will also drive delegation motorcades and perform other important tasks in support of specific Lithuanian institutions. The military personnel will be armed and equipped accordingly.

Source: bns.lt

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