Orlen Lietuva Refinery Receives Immense Reactor for Major Upgrade

After a two-week transit, the Orlen Lietuva oil refinery welcomes a colossal 100-meter reactor, weighing 2.5 thousand tons, for a 970 million euro upgrade, targeting full operation by 2025.


The immense reactor, designated for the major upgrade of the Orlen Lietuva oil refinery overseen by Orlen, concluded its two-week transit, landing at its final location in the Mažeikiai district, Juodeikiai, Lithuania, at around 10:00 a.m. on Monday. Kristina Gendvilė, the spokesperson for Orlen Lietuvos, informed that the reactor’s installation process has begun, with an aim to have the facility fully operational by 2025. Despite initial concerns, the transport caused minimal road damages and was smoother than projected. While there were minor setbacks, the overall delivery was still ahead of the extended deadline given the challenges of moving such a massive load in Lithuania. “Mammoet Baltic” managed the transportation and had agreed to cover costs for any damage caused. The reactor, built in Italy, measures 100 meters in length, 6.5 meters in width, and 10 meters in height. It weighed around 2.5 thousand tons with its transport equipment. Its inclusion in the Orlen Lietuva factory is expected to boost operational efficiency and ensure future profitability, irrespective of global economic tides. The primary contractor for this project is Petrofac International from the UK, and the entire refinery modernization is estimated at around 970 million euros. 

Source: lrt.lt 

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