Over 500 Million Litres of Beer were Produced and Sold in Bulgaria Last Year

435 000 glasses of beer were served per day. That’s a lot of beer!


In 2022, Bulgarian beer makers produced and sold 500M and 523M litres of beer, respectively, as per the Brewers’ Union. Daily, 435K glasses were served in hospitality venues, with pubs making up 13% of sales, and shops 87%. From May-August, daily production and sales hit 1.732M and 1.911M litres. Half of Bulgarian adults consume beer weekly, 70% monthly, with Montana residents leading. The Union reported H1 2023 investments of 35M leva, focusing on eco-innovation and production practices. It also backs social responsibility and sustainability initiatives. In 2022, breweries introduced 20,440 tons of glass bottles (57% of them were reusable). The Union also supports the “Return Me” initiative for bottle reuse. The Union, representing the major Bulgarian beer, malt, and hop producers, accounts for 99% of national beer production. 

Source: sofiaglobe.com

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