#GenFree Conference 2021- Velina Tcharkova - 3S Energy Projects: Challenges and Opportunities

We live in highly interconnected world. With 3 Seas Initiative, most ambitious geopolitical project of our times, we’re going to push interconnectivity boundaries even more. It isimperative for European Union to support 3 Seas Initiative in becoming coherent integrative part of european family

#GenFree Conference 2021 - Dr Solomon Passy - “New Europe: from 3 Seas to 3 Oceans”

The word ‘solidarity’ is becoming a key word for the changes taking place in Europe. It is no exaggeration to say that much can be achieved through solidarity.You can even change the 3 seas in the 3 Oceans Initiative. One example is post-1989 Poland, a post-Communist country that is now in the European Union and NATO, something that was unthinkable 40 years ago.


#GenFree Conference 2021 - Jacek Bartosiak - “Conditions needed for three seas success by 2050”

It is possible to achieve the full success of the initiative in 2050 under all ambitious assumptions. However, there are a few conditions that we have to fulfill at the beginning. Let us see, how analyst Jacek Bartosiak defines them.

#GenFree 2021- Mariusz Babula - “The Startup Valleys: How Three Seas Companies Enter Global Markets"

Central Europe, and that means 3 Seas Region, is becoming one of the most important start-up hubs.

In 2021 high tech start up companies in our region were valued at over 186 billion Euro. This means that in comparison to 2010 they have increased their value as much as nineteen times

#GenFree Conference 2021 - Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka - “The 3W” concept of sustainable development

A sustainable, constant evelopment is impossible without freedom understood directly and without freedom of mind. Lack of freedom blocks creativity, which is essential to adapt and achieve desired goals in a changing world.