50% of Czech Travellers Prefer Using Cash Abroad

The survey revealed that 80% of respondents rarely utilize foreign ATMs and also tend to pre-exchange currency before travel.


A survey by STEM/MARK, commissioned by Home Credit, reveals that 50% of Czech tourists opt for cash as their primary form of payment when traveling internationally. Interestingly, only 34% prefer card payments. Despite this, 80% of those questioned infrequently or never utilize ATMs overseas, instead, they pre-exchange currency or opt for alternative ways of payment. The survey, which had 500 participants, found that 24% rely exclusively on cash and 26% mainly use debit or credit cards for transactions. Those Czech tourists favoring cash typically carry up to CZK 10,000 in foreign currency originating from the Czech Republic. The study further uncovers that most tourists carry one or two payment cards, and 84% do not make alterations to their card limits specifically for travel purposes. Only a small fraction, 7%, opt to acquire a credit card for their international journeys, primarily motivated by the desire for a financial safety cushion, secure payments, and potentially lower-cost car rentals. 

Source: expats.cz 

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