Austrian Enery’s 535 MW Solar Push in Romania, Backed by 3SIIF

Austria’s Enery is set to construct a 535 MW solar facility in Romania, ranking it as the country's second-largest solar project, with backing from the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund (3SIIF)


Austrian energy player, Enery, has received the green light to construct a noteworthy 535 MW solar facility in Giurgiu, Romania. This project, once completed, will rank as Romania’s second-largest solar installation and is bankrolled by the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund (3SIIF). Building on their Romanian endeavors, Enery recently forged a long-term virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) with Ursus Breweries, affiliated with the Asahi Europe & International (AEI) conglomerate. This deal ensures that Ursus will be powered by a fresh 50 MW solar installation in Romania. Last year saw Enery announcing ambitious local solar developments amassing 1,500 MW, underscoring Romania’s promising renewable energy landscape. By mid-year, the firm clinched technical approvals for their 535 MW solar facility, overseen by Baboia Solar Plant, an offshoot of Enery Elment GmbH. With the Giurgiu initiative set to pull in an investment surpassing 400 million euros, Enery leans on 3SIIF for financial sustenance, guided by the UK’s Amber Infrastructure in investment consultancy. 

Source: zf.ro

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