Estonia Seeks to Reinvent its Digital Identity: EISA Calls for Proposals 

Estonia's EISA has announced a call for proposals with a €35,000 budget to overhaul e-Estonia's global digital branding, aiming for broader international outreach.


Estonia is gearing up to reshape its digital identity. The Estonian Business and Innovation Agency (EISA) has released a call for proposals, with a dedicated budget of €35,000, targeting an overhaul of e-Estonia’s global branding, encompassing its narrative and messaging. The ultimate goal is to create a more vibrant brand suitable for global outreach across platforms like marketing and communication. This move underscores Estonia’s intent to anchor its stature as a digital society heavyweight. Multiple channels, including international media, industry experts, and think tanks, have emphasized digital innovation’s role in defining Estonia’s global image. Strengthening the e-Estonia brand is seen as a linchpin to bolster Estonian ICT enterprises’ international endeavors, from product promotion to investor engagement. An enhanced digital reputation could serve as a beacon for attracting both innovative solutions and premier talent. 

While the 2017 e-Estonia branding emphasized geographical destinations, the current strategy has broadened its horizons to countries like the Nordics, UK, France, Germany, US, Netherlands, and Belgium. This renewed vision is designed to resonate with various stakeholders, from government bodies and ICT specialists to businesses and everyday citizens. The window for proposal submissions closes on September 14. 

Source: news.err.ee

Jakub Warzecha

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