The 5G Leader in the CEE

Speedtests don't lie. Bulgaria is considered a pioneer in 5G availability and median download speeds in Central and Eastern Europe.

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5G it’s not just a mere upgrade to our current wireless network technology but a true technological revolution that is set to transform our world in ways we never thought possible. Imagine being able to download an entire movie in just a few seconds or stream high-quality content with absolutely no buffering. With 5G, this is now a reality. The speeds are lightning-fast, and the data transfer rates are incredible. But it’s not just about the speed – 5G is set to revolutionize the way we live and work. It’s a leap forward into the future. 

5G, the game-changer

It has the potential to enable new technologies like autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and telemedicine that will improve our lives in unimaginable ways. And let’s not forget about the impact it will have on our everyday lives. Imagine being able to connect with people around the world in real time with no lag or delay. With 5G, video calls will be crystal clear, and virtual reality will become a mainstream technology. 

In short, 5G is a game-changer. A transformational technology that will shape how we live, work, and play. It’s a little romantic to think about the incredible possibilities that 5G will enable – a future that’s not only faster and more efficient but also more connected, more immersive, and more exciting than ever before. Sounds great, doesn’t it? It’s becoming our new reality. In some countries, it is coming on faster than in others. Much faster… both literally and figuratively.

Bulgaria in Speedtest Intelligence by Ookla

According to the speed test measurements included in the Ookla Speedtest Intelligence report, the United Arab Emirates is the global leader in 5G network performance in the fourth quarter of 2022. However, we will be pleasantly surprised if we look at the report for Central and Eastern Europe. It presents a rather interesting picture. 

Against the backdrop of the Three Seas countries and the rest of the world, Bulgaria stands out as the shining leader in 5G. Download speed measurements showed that the 5G network in Bulgaria achieved a result of 342 Mbps median download speed, which puts Bulgaria high above 200 Mbps median download speed level. Most European countries cannot boast of such a performance. For comparison, equivalent measurements for Poland showed only 75 Mbps. Therefore, Bulgaria is the only European country to be included in the 5G Leaders category (other categories are High Performers – countries above the 200 Mbps median download speed, and Improvers – countries below 200 Mbps median download speed). 

The early adopters

That’s not all. Bulgaria’s 5G provider A1 is considered number 1 in Top European 5G providers ranking with a median download speed of 563 Mbps, according to Speedtest Intelligence report by Ookla. Also, the availability of 25% puts Bulgaria high in the top-ten list of countries. This achievement can be attributed to the country’s favorable regulatory environment for the telecommunications sector and the early adoption of 5G technology by Bulgarian operators. 

The first commercial 5G network was launched in Bulgaria in September 2020 by one of the country’s three mobile operators. The results of measurements and Bulgaria’s high position in 5G rankings are great news for Bulgarian consumers and businesses who can now take advantage of faster download speeds and improved connectivity. It also positions Bulgaria as a promising destination for companies looking to invest in 5G technology and related services in the CEE region. 

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