Bulgarian Passport Ascends to 13th in 2023 Henley Passport Index 

Bulgarian passport provides its holders with visa-free entry to 176 countries.


The “Henley Passport Index” for 2023, provided by esteemed London consultancy Henley & Partners, places the Bulgarian Passport at 13th – a significant leap from its 17th position last year- in the ranking of most attractive passports in the world. Now, Bulgarian passport holders can travel visa-free to 176 countries, a clear improvement from 173 countries in 2022, putting it on an equal footing with Romania and Monaco. Interestingly, Singapore has dethroned Japan to become the leader this year, facilitating visa-free entry to 192 countries. Runners up to Singapore are Germany, Italy, and Spain, offering free passage to 190 countries. Other notable ranks include the UK at 4th, Canada at 7th, and the US at 8th, with their passports allowing visa-free travel to 188, 185, and 184 countries respectively. On the opposite end of the scale, passports from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria are ranked as least advantageous. The Henley & Partners Passport Index, a highly regarded tool drawing data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), evaluates global passport power by the number of destinations allowing visa-free entry. 

Source: novinite.com

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