Confirmed: ESA’s Space Mission With Polish Astronaut 

Poland's space legacy continues as the government confirms the nation's second astronaut is set for an ESA mission to the International Space Station.


Poland’s government has verified that a Polish astronaut is set for a journey to the International Space Station as part of a European Space Agency (ESA) mission. Minister Waldemar Buda revealed this milestone, marking it as the second time a Pole will venture into space. Although the astronaut’s identity, Sławosz Uznański, is known, his participation awaits approval from both the ESA and US counterparts. This mission, which involves collaboration with Axiom Space, is significant for the advancement of Polish space endeavors and scientific research. The astronaut will examine Poland’s advanced tech and provide valuable insights for Polish companies. Educational outreach is also planned, with the astronaut conducting video sessions for Polish students from space. The legacy of Polish space travel traces back to Mirosław Hermaszewski in 1978. Boosting its commitment to space, Poland has upped its ESA contribution by EUR 295 million, aiming to enhance its space industry’s growth and capabilities. 

Source: polskieradio.pl

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