Czech Railways Will Get EU Boost for Modernization and Growth 

The European Commission greenlights a significant investment to modernize and elevate Czech railways.


The European Commission has sanctioned a project granting nine billion Czech crowns to bolster the Czech railway system. The initiative focuses on enhancing rail interoperability, ensuring consistent and secure operations. The funding will extend until July 2028, aiding railway providers and the Railway Administration. Five distinct sub-programs are encompassed within this initiative. One notable feature involves the adoption of an Automatic Digital Coupler (DAC), set to elevate rail freight automation by replacing conventional methods. Additional facets aim to upgrade Czech railway conveyances to the European Train Control System (ETCS), incorporate the GSM-R communication method, among others. This recent program is a continuation of formerly endorsed plans from 2017, which received an extension in 2020. The undertaking underscores the vital role of railway upgradation for safety, regional economic boost, and its significance in Europe. This move by the Commission reaffirms the European Union’s commitment to addressing specific country requirements, emphasizing pivotal projects for economic expansion.  

Source: czechdaily.cz

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