Czech Republic Changes its Approach to the Three Seas Initiative

The Czech government has proposed a new way of participation in the international project to increase interconnectivity between the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.


Yesterday the Czech government was discussing the country’s further participation in the Three Seas Initiative (3SI), which aims to enhance infrastructure connectivity in Central and Eastern Europe. While the Czech Republic has been involved in the 3SI since its inception, it maintains a cautious, cost-effective, and pragmatic approach. Significant changes have emerged in the Czech approach to the 3SI. The government has opted for two new projects instead of the D-O-L channel (Oder-Danube-Elbe) and plans to establish a coordinator role in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to enhance coordination. However, a decision regarding the contribution to the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund (#3SIIF) is still pending. These developments underscore the Czech Republic’s commitment to regional infrastructure development within the 3SI framework, while also emphasizing a careful evaluation process for determining the country’s future involvement.

Source: twitter @VitDostal

Jakub Warzecha

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