Czech Republic’s Q2 2023 Tourism Surges; Germans Lead Foreign Visitors 

Lately Czech Republic witnessed a 14.3% spike in tourism, with domestic visitors outpacing foreign guests.


In Q2 2023, the Czech Republic experienced a 14.3% tourism boost, welcoming 5.8 million visitors. The majority were domestic, outpacing international guests. Overall, these tourists accounted for 13.8 million overnight stays, a rise of 14.5% from the prior year. The Czech Statistical Office highlighted that while domestic tourists rose by 4%, international tourists surged by a significant 31%. Yet, the duration of their stays hasn’t exceeded the numbers from 2019. Although the guest count almost equaled pre-pandemic levels, overnight counts reached just 98% of those figures, as per Roman Mikula. Hotels were the primary accommodation, hosting 71% of tourists. Tourist inflow increased across the Czech regions, with the Karlovy Vary region leading the pack with a 21.4% hike. Germans were the predominant foreign visitors (approximately 637,000 visitors). The report also noted Ukrainians in the count, whose status—either as tourists or refugees—was occasionally indistinguishable due to the conflict in Ukraine. 

Source: czechdaily.cz

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