Czechia Introduces Initiative to Draw Global Digital Nomads 

Czechia's Ministry of Industry rolls out a pioneering digital nomad initiative, aiming to draw global IT talents and enhance its economic and intellectual landscape, with an efficient 45-day application process.


Czechia’s Ministry of Industry has unveiled an initiative inviting skilled digital nomads, predominantly from the IT field, to work and live in the country. Lucia Legáthová from Prague’s Expat Centre shared that this innovative program is open to individuals from select countries, including Australia, Japan, the US, Canada, the UK, and Taiwan. The initiative provides two distinct avenues: one for those employed by overseas companies wishing to move to Czechia, and another for those aspiring to be self-employed within the country. Notably, the program also accommodates the immediate family of the applicants. 

 One major advantage for nomads is the opportunity to maintain their international pay scales while benefiting from Czechia’s comparatively lower living expenses. In return, Czechia garners the diverse expertise, skills, and connections that these professionals introduce, thereby enhancing its business and intellectual spheres. Highlighting the program’s potential, Legáthová pointed out that many digital nomads operate within the knowledge-based and creative sectors, aligning with areas Czechia aims to strengthen. This influx of skilled and financially stable professionals can invigorate the local job market and even spur the inception of new ventures tailored to their expertise. 

 Although it’s premature to estimate the potential uptake, the program distinguishes itself with a swift 45-day application processing duration, which is notably quicker than other similar programs. 

Source: english.radio.cz

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