Czechs Ready to Show Off at EXPO 2025

The next World EXPO is approaching fast. This time Osaka, Japan, will host it. What will Czechia present to impress the land of the rising sun with?

Apropos Architects win the architectural competition for the design of the Czech pavilion for EXPO 2025 with a glass spiral. On photo Nikoleta Slovaková and Tereza Šváchová.
Apropos Architects win the architectural competition for the design of the Czech pavilion for EXPO 2025 with a glass spiral. On photo Nikoleta Slovaková and Tereza Šváchová after gala winner announcment in the Center of Architecture and Urban Planning in Prague. Photo: Office of the Commissioner General of EXPO 2025 / Dominik Kučera

The World’s Fair, the Universal Exposition, or EXPO for short, is an event of global significance repeated every five years. It is an exhibition at which more or less all countries from around the world are present. Each country has its pavilion presenting bits and pieces of its culture, history, education, science, or industry. In addition, the exhibition rotates across continents. EXPO 2010 was in Shanghai, and Expo 2015 was in Milan, Italy. The last Expo, 2020, was hosted in Dubai.

Funnily enough, the first-ever World Expo was held in Prague in 1791. Since then, the Czech pavilions and exhibits have steadily ranked at the top of the list. Take 1958, for example, when Czechoslovakia brought home the gold medal. The Czechs also left Dubai with first prize in the invention category for the S.A.W.E.R. device, which produces water from desert air.

From the heart of Europe to the Land of the Rising Sun

Expo 2025 will take place in Osaka, Japan, where it will return after 55 years. Its scope will be science and the future, underlined by the main theme of the whole exhibition: “Designing Future Society for Our Lives.” A completely new complex will be built for the Expo 2025, a city within a city. The Czechs will come to Osaka with the slogan “Talent and creativity for life,” which will be the central theme of the Czech Pavilion at the exhibition, which will begin in less than two years.

Czechoslovak pavilion at EXPO 1970, Osaka.
Czechoslovak pavilion at EXPO 1970, Osaka. Photo: Office of the Commissioner General

The overarching goal will be to showcase Czechia as a modern country with a high science level: a country that can use its scientific potential in practice and as a promising location for investment and innovative business development. However, not only Czech inventions, such as advanced nanotechnologies, will be present. Visitors will also be able to admire Czech glass or listen to Czech classical music. Significant space in the Czech pavilion will also be dedicated to Czech universities, which will send their representatives to Osaka.

Czechia in the Spotlight

And where will all the exhibits be displayed? The design for the Czech pavilion was won by the architectural studio Apropos Architects with their design “Glass Spiral.” The design thus refers to the rich glassmaking history in the Czech Republic and combines it with modern architecture.

Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský noted, “EXPO is the world’s most important marketing event and a great opportunity to promote and spread the Czech Republic’s good name abroad.” The budget allocated for Czech participation in EXPO 2025 corresponds with this statement. The total budget is EUR 21 million. The Czech government will provide 50% of the funding. The remaining 50% will come from private companies, organizations, and institutions that will have the opportunity to exhibit in the Czech pavilion.

We can now only wait and hope the Czech mission to the EXPO in Japan will continue the rich tradition of Czech successes. And whether the Czech Republic wins any medals or not, the most important thing is to show the whole world that the Czech Republic is a small but open, friendly, and prosperous country with much to offer.

Marek Koten

A Ph.D. student in economics, specializing in nuclear energy from the Czech Republic, he also serves as a political consultant to the Czech government and the U.S. Republican Party.

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