Foreign Workers in Slovakia Nearing Key 100,000 Threshold

Slovakia is close to welcoming its 100,000th overseas worker, with the current count at 98,400 — up 17.1k year-on-year.


The number of overseas workers in Slovakia is on the verge of hitting a key threshold of 100,000. Data from July of this year from the Central Office for Labor, Social Affairs, and Family of Slovakia indicates 98,400 employed foreigners. This represents an increase of 1,200 compared to June and a jump of 17,1 thousand compared to the same period last year. Ukrainians make up the largest segment of the foreign workforce. Their numbers have grown by 7.3 thousand within a year, reaching a total of 37.3 thousand. Meanwhile, the count of Serbs finding employment in Slovakia has risen by 772 in the last month, hitting a total of 10,000 since last July.  Among the citizens of the European Union countries, the largest groups in Slovakia are Romanians (7.3 thousand), Czechs (6.8 thousand), and Hungarians (5.9 thousand). 

Simultaneously, Slovakia is recording an employment surge from countries not traditionally seen as labor sources. Last month saw 3.2 thousand Indians working there, marking a rise of 2.3 thousand since last July. The number of Georgians working in Slovakia has also significantly increased – from 982 a year ago to nearly 1.9 thousand now. Workers from Kyrgyzstan have increased from 513 to 943 over the past year. 

Source: ekonomika.pravda.sk

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