Foreign Workforce in Poland Grows by 27.3% in 2022: GUS Report 

In 2022, Poland witnessed a 27.3% surge in its foreign workforce, with over 1 million international workers, primarily from Ukraine and Belarus.


In recent years, Poland has seen a significant influx of foreign workers, and the latest data from 2022 only underscores this trend. According to a detailed report by Statistics Poland (GUS), the number of foreigners employed in the Polish labor market surged by an impressive 27.3% year-on-year, reaching a total of over 1 million individuals by the end of December 2022. This meant that foreigners constituted approximately 6.5% of Poland’s entire workforce by the close of that year. 

Digging deeper into the statistics, GUS reveals that the origins of these foreign workers are diverse, hailing from more than 150 different nations globally. However, there were some notable trends in terms of nationalities. The lion’s share of the foreign workers in Poland were from Ukraine, comprising a staggering 73% of the total foreign workforce. Following them were the Belarusians, who made up 10.1% of the foreign workers. 

 A comparison of the demographics of the workforce showed some interesting contrasts between Polish citizens and their foreign counterparts. At the end of December 2022, the median age of Polish nationals engaged in the workforce stood at 42 years. In comparison, foreign workers had a median age of 36 years, indicating that the latter group was generally younger. 

 Furthermore, GUS provided insights into the sectors where these foreign workers predominantly found employment. Among the various sectors, the Administrative and Support Services Activities emerged as the most popular for foreign workers, boasting the highest concentration of them. This points to the vital role these workers play in supporting Poland’s administrative infrastructure and the broader economy. 

Source: tvpworld.com 

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