Impressive Growth of Poland’s Export reaches €325 Per Capita

Poland is slowly catching up with the EU's third-largest economy - Italy


Poland’s export sector is vigorously growing in the EU, nearing the economic size of Italy, the third-largest economy in the Union. The biggest rise in sales is seen outside the EU, but impressive growth is also noted in the Union’s internal market. In 2023, exports per citizen in Poland hit 325 euros per month. Data from Eurostat show that from January to May, exports amounted to 147 billion euros, with 111 billion euros heading to EU countries. Poland’s stake in EU internal trade has seen a minor uptick from last year, bringing it closer to Italy and Belgium, both of which experienced a decline in shares. 

A remarkable 15.4% year-on-year increase was observed in exports to markets outside the EU, leading to a substantial reduction in the trade deficit with these nations. Notably, commerce with Ukraine, Poland’s eighth most important trading partner, saw a 52.3% year-on-year rise. Meanwhile, from January to May, Polish exports per citizen averaged at 325 euros monthly, a growth from 303 euros last year, though it still outperforms only nine out of 27 EU countries. 

Source: businessinsider.pl

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