Kinderpedia, Where Education and Digitalization Meet

Entrusted by over 2000 schools and childcare centers from over 25 countries, Kinderpedia provides a solution to digitally increase educational management and engagement, making school easier for all parties involved – students, teachers, and parents.

Co-founders of Kinderpedia, from left: Valentin Ilea, Evelina Necula, Daniel Rogoz
Co-founders of Kinderpedia, from left: Valentin Ilea, Evelina Necula, Daniel Rogoz. Photo: courtesy of Kinderpedia

“Organizing and managing a class is such a pleasure!” said no professor ever. Taking care of 20 to who-knows-how-many kids can be a rather challenging, sometimes daunting activity. On top of the young children who wish nothing more than to finish their daily tasks, professors have to deal with many busy, hurried parents, who, more often than not, can be more demanding than the students themselves. Oh, the perks of working in the educational system! Administrative work, the never-ending, life-sucking, and fun-killing activity that professors worldwide dread, is one of the profession’s downsides. But it doesn’t have to be, and Kinderpedia helps prove it.

Helping educators focus on what’s most important – students

With over 2000 schools and childcare centers from 25 countries in their portfolio, this Romanian-based education platform is revolutionizing the education system all over the world, providing students, professors, and parents with an efficient, time-saving, and productive method to achieve their goals.

Kinderpedia aims to bring five areas to the next level – school management, class management, parent communication, student evaluation, and finance, all from one user-friendly, interactive platform. All of these sections provide tens of individual features that allow you to make the most out of your day, even if you happen to be a short-on-time professor, an overwhelmed student, or a busy parent.

Imagine for just a moment that you are a professor on a tight schedule, and a deadline is quickly approaching. With Kinderpedia, you will no longer have to worry about cutting corners to make it all happen. With the help of the 32 available class-management tools, not only will you finish your work in time, but you’ll save up to 9 hours – hours that would have otherwise been spent on tedious, repetitive administrative issues that are now tackled in no time, all digitally, at the touch of a fingertip.

Improving communication for everyone

This multi-language, multi-currency, and cloud-based ed-tech service is managed, with the use of technology, to improve both professor-student communication as well as parent-professor relations. Unlike many other educational platforms, Kinderpedia helps not only professors and parents, it also gives students the autonomy that motivates them to improve in their daily activities. By allowing them to take over their tasks and deadlines, children develop a sense of responsibility and become more engaged in their academic development.

As for the parents, they are truly at the center of what Kinderpedia aims to create – an environment that brings families closer to their children’s progress. Next to the expected features, such as instant access and notification on attendance and grades, the platform allows you to participate in your child’s day at school, even from afar, with the help of a digitally, privately owned media album. Now you can get a glimpse into your child’s development and environment right from your office.

Holistically connecting teachers, parents, and students

Kinderpedia made it their ultimate goal to positively impact not only the administrative aspect but the relations between all parties involved to ensure that beyond efficacy and productivity, there is a holistic, people-oriented system that brings teachers, students, and parents together.

Kinderpedia is tailored for directors, teachers, students, and parents, encapsulating them into an eco-system-like ambiance that helps each individual achieve their goal. The idea was brought to life by Daniel Rogoz, an engineer and savvy entrepreneur with successful experience in business management; Evelina Necula, an education entrepreneur and communication specialist; and Valentin Ilea, an engineer with over 18 years of experience. The service was awarded Product of the Year at the IT Industry Excellence Awards 2023 at ANIS Gala; it was featured at the CES 2023 in Las Vegas, and in 2022, it was recognized by Deloitte with the Impact Star Award.

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