Mochovce’s 3rd Unit at 90% Capacity: Slovakia’s Step Toward Energy Self-Reliance

Slovenské Elektrárne's Mochovce plant's third unit, with a capacity of 471 megawatts, nears its 90% completion mark, signaling a significant stride towards the nation's energy self-sufficiency.


Slovenské Elektrárne, Slovakia’s premier electricity producer, has the third unit of the Mochovce nuclear power plant nearing its 90% operational capacity, advancing Slovakia towards energy independence by the end of the year. Despite being due for completion a decade ago, this unit is set for full operation after upcoming tests. It boasts a 471-megawatt capacity, addressing around 13% of the nation’s electricity needs. A concluding 144-hour full power test will verify its performance. Expected to serve for 60 years, it’s set to supply electricity equivalent to the yearly consumption of 260,000 households. The plant’s history traces back to 1982, with its first two units going live in the late ’90s. Financially, the development of the third and fourth units escalated from a projected €2.8 billion in 2008 to a staggering €6.2 billion. Public sentiment is positive, as a 2022 survey revealed 70% of Slovaks back nuclear energy and 60% deem it safe. Additionally, Slovenské Elektrárne operates a portfolio of energy plants, spanning hydroelectric, thermal, and solar. 

Source: spectator.sme 

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