Poland Emerges as Key Supplier for Ukraine, Aiding War and Reconstruction Efforts

The Polish Economic Institute's recent report reveals Poland as Ukraine's second biggest supplier delivering essential commodities for both wartime needs and everyday survival.


The Polish Economic Institute (PIE) has identified Poland as the second most significant supplier to Ukraine in 2022, trailing only China and leaving behind Germany and Russia. A notable increase of 52% was observed in Polish exports to Ukraine from January to May 2023, relative to the corresponding period in 2022. In fact, the year 2022 saw Polish exports exceed the 10-billion-dollar threshold, registering a rise of 37% on a yearly basis. The PIE report pointed out that Poland’s export portfolio primarily satisfies Ukraine’s wartime demands, with key export commodities consisting of fuels, vehicles, weaponry, as well as electrical and mechanical machinery. Simultaneously, Poland’s role in Ukraine’s post-conflict reconstruction and in providing essentials for daily living has been noteworthy, as indicated by the marked uptick in the export of items such as water, non-alcoholic beverages, telecom equipment, glass, and fresh produce. 

Despite the positive developments, the report indicates that consumer demand in Ukraine for many products has dipped, owing to the continued conflict with Russia and mass migration. Nevertheless, the PIE believes these experiences could spur a higher degree of internationalization among Polish enterprises, which would prove instrumental in Ukraine’s post-conflict reconstruction efforts. 

Source: gospodarka.dziennik.pl

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