Poland: Record Low Unemployment 

Unemployment in Poland hits an unprecedented low, with the rate dropping to just 2.7%


In June, Poland held a low unemployment rate of 2.7%, positioning it among the nations with the least joblessness within the 27-member European Union, as indicated by Eurostat, the statistical body of the EU. With an unemployment rate of 2.6%, Malta had the most favourable statistics in the bloc, while Poland and the Czech Republic jointly held the next position at 2.7%. In contrast, Spain and Greece were at the higher end of the scale with 11.7% and 11.1% respectively. The average joblessness across the EU remained steady in June at 5.9%, slightly lower than the 6.4% reported for the Eurozone. However, Poland’s own statistical agency (GUS), using a different calculation method, reported a drop in unemployment to 5% in June, a marginal improvement from 5.1% in May. 

Source: polskieradio.pl

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