Poland Rises as Top Summer Getaway for Czech Vacationers

Czech tourism in Poland soars, with a 50% rise in bookings on Slevomat and a 158% surge in interest on Dovolena.cz, favoring the Baltic Sea coast.


The number of Czech tourists choosing Poland as their summer vacation spot has surged, especially those flocking to the Baltic Sea coast of Poland. Travel data has indicated this uptick, with Ladislav Veselý from the Czech booking portal Slevomat referring to Poland as the “new Croatia” given its rising popularity. Bookings to Poland via Slevomat witnessed a year-on-year growth of 50%. Other Czech travel agencies, like Dovolena.cz, have also noticed this trend, recording a whopping 158% increase in interest for Polish vacations since January. Poland’s diverse and appealing tourism attractions, from its rich history, picturesque cities, untouched nature, to the seas, mountains, and lakes, coupled with its affordability, are deemed key factors for this interest. Moreover, enhanced transport infrastructure facilitating easy access to popular spots like Sopot, a renowned Baltic coast resort town, is seen as a catalyst. The diversification of the tourism market with the influx of Czech tourists is considered a positive sign by stakeholders in Poland’s tourism sector. 

Source: praguemorning.cz

Jakub Warzecha

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