Poland Shines in Kearney’s 2023 Offshore Services Ranking 

Poland ascends to prominence in offshore services, securing a notable 13th rank in Kearney's 2023 Global Index, with India, China, and Malaysia still dominating the sector.


Poland has emerged as a key player in the offshore services domain, taking the second spot in Europe, trailing only the UK, and achieving a global rank of 13th. This insight comes from the 2023 Global Services Location Index released by Kearney, a distinguished consultancy firm. While the offshore sector remains dominated by the likes of India, China, and Malaysia, nations including Poland, Canada, and Singapore are carving a niche as budding tech epicenters and hubs for innovation. Kearney’s report, with contributions from Rahul Lele, underscores the dedication of Asia Pacific countries, such as India, China, and Malaysia, to fortify their digital capabilities, embrace new tech solutions, and receive strong governmental backing. Meanwhile, European countries like Poland, Hungary, and the UK are marking their presence, showcasing robust financial incentives and a rich talent pool. Kearney’s extensive study took into account 78 countries, weighing diverse aspects from business inputs to ongoing digital service endeavors and state-backed sector growth. Their methodology included a spectrum of 52 parameters spanning financial incentives, talent dynamics, business milieu, and tech adaptability, as shared in Kearney’s publications. 

Source: polskieradio.pl, PAP

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