Poland: Zakopane’s Social Media-fueled Middle Eastern Tourism Boom 

Poland: Zakopane's Social Media-fueled Middle Eastern Tourism Boom.


Amid the picturesque backdrop of the Polish Tatra Mountains, Zakopane is witnessing a remarkable upswing in visitors from the Middle East. Interestingly, this surge, which sees some hotels hosting up to 60% guests from places like Kuwait and the UAE, isn’t due to traditional advertising campaigns but is driven by the power of Arab social media. With almost 40% of tourists in July hailing from the Middle East, Zakopane’s local businesses have quickly pivoted. Restaurants now offer menus tailored to Middle Eastern palates, while traditional Polish handcrafts and honeys have become popular souvenirs among these affluent visitors. The cultural richness of Zakopane, paralleling the allure Tunisia or Egypt holds for Poles, further enhances its appeal. The story of Zakopane’s popularity underscores the potent mix of authentic cultural experiences and social media influence. 

Source: rmf24.pl

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