Poland’s Rise in Business Services Investments: Europe’s 2nd, Global 13th 

Poland ascends in Kearney's 2023 Global Services Location Index, securing Europe's second spot and a commendable 13th position worldwide for modern business investments.


Poland has made significant strides in becoming a hub for modern business investments, securing the second position in Europe and the impressive 13th spot on the global scale, as detailed in Kearney’s “Global Services Location Index 2023”. This denotes a commendable advancement from Poland’s rank in the prior edition of the same report. A combination of factors propels Poland’s stature in the index. One of the chief reasons is its cost-effectiveness which appeals to many businesses. Additionally, the digital proficiency and expertise of the Polish workforce have been pivotal. In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are at the forefront, leading to an amplified demand for skills pertinent to these domains. Within this dynamic, Poland has demonstrated exemplary prowess. In the European context, it has been outshined only by the United Kingdom. However, at the zenith of this year’s index are India and China. Their dominance is attributed to several factors. They offer substantial cost benefits, which makes them attractive destinations for global investments. Furthermore, both nations boast a vast reservoir of talent, characterized by a highly skilled workforce. A particularly noteworthy trait of these countries, highlighted in the report, is their talent regeneration ability. This refers to their exceptional capacity to rapidly upskill and reorient their workforce in alignment with the ever-changing technological landscapes and market demands. 

Source: wbj.pl, PAP 

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