Polish Gaming Industry Hits Over €1.2 Billion of Revenue

This is the result of a 250% growth in the industry over the past 5 years.


The Polish gaming industry saw a 250% revenue surge over five years, hitting €1.286 billion, according to a report by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. Polish video games, recognized for their quality and innovation, account for over 85% of global digital sales in 2020. 

The report showcases the potential of the Polish gamedev sector, which currently employs over 15,000 individuals across 494 game producers and publishers. Despite a one-time 8% revenue dip in 2021, sector revenues increased by 250% over five years, primarily due to exports. 

Though Poland’s revenue is outpaced by countries like the UK and France, its games are popular in North America, Europe, and Asia, which collectively account for 75-90% of all Polish game sales. The Polish independent game developers have also gained international recognition. 

The rapidly expanding industry will need about 2000 new employees annually to sustain growth, prompting an increase in gaming-related educational courses in universities and the employment of foreign professionals. 

Source: forsal.pl

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