Poznań Crowned Best City to Live in Poland, Katowice Follows 

Poznań is celebrated as Poland's top city to reside in, with Katowice trailing closely behind, as revealed by a recent Business Insider Polska ranking.


Poznań stands out as Poland’s premier city to reside in, as per a recent Business Insider Polska ranking. Using May and June 2023 data, the evaluation spanned unemployment, average wages, crime rates, housing, healthcare, and air quality. With a commendable score of 28 points, Poznań led due to its low unemployment and residents’ advantageous wage-to-housing-cost ratio. It also gained prior acclaim as an emerging culinary hotspot by Michelin. Katowice, taking the second spot with 39 points, shone in housing access but showed concerns regarding crime rates. Opole secured the third position, particularly praised for its air quality. 

On the opposite end, Białystok languished, struggling in areas like unemployment, average wages, and housing. Kielce and the national capital, Warsaw, also hovered near the list’s bottom. Interestingly, tourist haven Kraków only managed the 11th place, reflecting the multifaceted nature of such rankings. 

Source: notesfrompoland.com

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