Profitable EU Membership for Czech Republic 

Czech Republic received €1.91 billion more from the European Union's budget than it contributed.


In H1 2023, the Czech Republic received €1.91 billion more from the European Union’s  budget than it contributed. This includes €1.04 billion from the NextGeneration EU (NGEU) support plan, as per the Ministry of Finance report. The nation’s net EU position last year stood at €2.56 billion, also inclusive of the recovery plan. Since joining the EU in 2004, the Czech Republic has contributed €35.31 billion and received approximately €78.65 billion, indicating a net position of €43.1 billion throughout its EU membership, or €45.58 billion with the NGEU revenues. This favourable net position is primarily due to the €1.23 billion from structural funds and the cohesion fund, along with €1.05 billion from the Common Agricultural Policy. The positive net position reflects the successful absorption of EU funds and has positively impacted the state budget. In June, the budget deficit was reduced to €9.01 billion, down from May’s €11.35 billion, thanks to the receipt of €1.98 billion in EU funds.  

Source: czechdaily.cz

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