Record-Breaking Profits of Romanian Companies Despite Deteriorating Consumer Purchasing Power

Romanian firms' record profits amid inflation spur 'greedflation' debate over unjustified price hikes.


Romanian companies achieved record-breaking profits and minimal net losses with the net profit balance hitting over RON 200 bln (EUR 40 bln), twice the amount of 2020 and 32% more than 2022. As prices surged, impacting consumer purchasing power, local Ziarul Financiar’s analysis suggests that corporations benefited more from the inflation wave than consumers, spurring discussions around “greedflation” – a blend of greed and inflation. This notion investigates whether corporations are capitalizing on inflation to inflate their profits. According to Ziarul Financiar’s calculations, the growth rate of net profit outpaced turnover and inflation by twice. Interestingly, many executives acknowledged that several price increases were unjustifiably high. 

Source: romania-insider.com, zf.ro

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