Romania Moves to Acquire 32 US F-35A Aircrafts 

Romania embarks on a strategic defense upgrade, seeking parliamentary approval to purchase 32 Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II aircraft from the U.S


Romania has initiated the process to purchase 32 multi-role Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II aircraft from the United States. The Romanian Ministry of National Defense submitted a request to the parliament’s presidium for approval of this investment. The estimated cost of the purchase is 6.5 billion USD. If the Parliament approves, Romanian authorities will send a letter of request to the US government. Romania’s Defense Minister, Angel Tîlvăr, emphasized that this move is a step towards strengthening the Romanian air forces and the country’s position in the Black Sea region. The first aircraft is expected to be delivered by 2032, provided the agreement is signed in 2024.  The number of planned F-35A aircraft matches Poland’s order under the Harpia program. Meanwhile, the Romanian air fleet will comprise 49 F-16AM/BM aircraft. In June, the US agreed to a potential sale of an upgrade package for these aircraft. The first mentions of Romania’s interest in the F-35A appeared in February 2022 from President Kraus Iohannis. 

Source: milmag.pl

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