Romania Targets 200km Highway Expansion by 2024

Romania sets an ambitious goal: 200km of new highway by 2024, with a potential increase to 300km, as the nation seeks to bridge its infrastructure gap.


Romania aims to introduce an added 200 km of highway by 2024’s close, as highlighted by the Transport Minister, Sorin Grindeanu. He is hopeful that under favorable conditions, this figure could surge to 300 km. Recollecting the 30 years post the Revolution, Grindeanu recognized the nation’s infrastructure development lag and stressed the imperative for improvements, regardless of political backdrop. The realization of this goal is influenced by factors such as weather, especially after recent rains in Transylvania. Yet, Grindeanu remains confident, citing his consistent reviews and visits with CNAIR. Additionally, he spoke of the imminent completion of the Sibiu-Făgăraş Highway’s Lot 3. Grindeanu also revealed that Romania is on track to achieve 1,000 km of highway by this September with a new 13 km segment of the A3. However, he mentioned that the country’s infrastructure still needs significant advancements. 

Source: adevarul.ro 

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